Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Fruit Extract

Trametes Versicolor


  • Certified Organic U.S. Grown and Third party tested

  • Triple extracted

  • 1,000mg per serving

  •  Antitumor

  •  Enhances effects of radiation therapy

  •  Antioxidant activity

  •  Boosts immune response

  •  Adjunctive treatment in cancer chemotherapy

  •  Lowers cholesterol

  •  Increases interferon production

  •  Prebiotic

  •  Healthy Gut Biome

  •  Potential Weight Regulator



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Turkey Tail Triple Extracted Mushroom Fruit

  • Directions

    1,000mg per serving, 30 servings per bottle.

    Tinctures are meant to be used as a dietary supplement and taken 1-2 times daily or as needed.  Shake before use. Consume directly under the tongue, with water, in coffee, tea, smoothies, elixirs, or as advised by your healthcare practitioner. Store out of direct sunlight.

  • Our Extracts

    U.S. Myco's extraction is 20 years of expierience using whole organic mushroom fruitbodies that are allowed to mature and absorb valuable light waves that allow for the manufacture of biochemical properties of the fruitbody. Mushroom mycelium extracts, however, grown on grain in the absence of light, is chemically and qualitatively much different than our mature fruitbodies. Our natural process of extracting the whole fruitbodies in organic ethanol, hot water, and a third proprietary method, ensures the most complete extraction possible. Containing all water and non-water soluble components of the mushroom. All of our extracts incorporate the purest certified spring water.


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